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Shining light in the darkest corners,
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My Favourite Lyric

April 2024
Recently I was chatting with Kyra about "what is my favourite lyric I've written yet?" It surprised me how quickly I could answer that question...

Prayer Wall

We believe prayer is a vital foundation for all God’s called us to.

On the prayer wall below, you’ll find a range of prayer targets for our ministry right now.

We’d love you to pick one and join your faith with ours as we’re shining light in the darkest corners – together!

Remember that you’re never without prayer, we are praying for you (and all of our Torch Bearers’ fam) all the time!

Torch Bearers family

Join us in praying for the whole Torch Bearers family as we’re each carrying our torch and shining light brightly in our world!

Caleb’s book

Pray for Caleb as he’s writing his book of the stories, encounters and truths behind his songs.

Heaven on Earth album

Join your faith with us for a full-length Heaven on Earth album, that will take the sounds and rhythms of Heaven into the darkest corners!

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Firestarter Pack #2 – Kindle

Firestarter bundles are packed with a collection of resources you can use to shine light in your world. They include a range of products and giveaways for you to give to others, to tell them about the hope they have in Jesus!

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We love making content and merch exclusively for you, our Torch Bearers fam!