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More than a concert

Check out some great messages from people whose lives have been impacted at our live events.

Caleb's music is so uplifting and energising - it makes me want to sing and dance with them!


Caleb's live events are so interactive. He makes you feel at ease and makes you want to be a part of what's happening. Everything he does is so real and down to earth - it makes him relatable.


Caleb is able to touch the heart of people - taking a message of hope to the hopeless.


I have a friend I've been trying to share the gospel with for years, but she was always so closed! Caleb was doing a concert at my church and she agreed to come. She loved it! Looking across and seeing her crying her eyes out as Caleb ministered and God worked in her heart was one of the most special moments!


Caleb has such a great stage presence that is fun and friendly and leaves people feeling blessed in their spirits. I have no hesitation in recommending Caleb and his band to others!


I was so surprised - it wasn't just a concert but a performance with humour and stories and connection. I really enjoyed being a part of it.


As a teacher, I wanted to bring my whole class to hear the message of hope in Caleb's song "Future is Bright"!


I thought I was just going to hear a band, but it was so enertaining. I found myself laughing and singing and dancing and at times almost crying. I've never connected so much at a concert.


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