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Heaven on Earth - studio and acoustic versions - are available wherever you listen to your music.

Live Acoustic Version

Check out the acoustic duet, recorded with my beautiful wife Kyra and filmed live in one of our favourite heaven on earth places.

My heart behind the song

Whatever your story, you can find heaven on earth.

What if we didn’t have to wait to go to heaven, with the halos and harps, to finally experience true rest?

What if we could find peace amongst the chaos?

Joy amongst the heartache?

Healing amongst the hurt?

Restoration amongst the brokenness?

What if we could find heaven on earth?

Well, the good news is that we can. That’s the heart behind this song.

Jesus said that heaven can invade and define our lives here today…that’s the good news that we sing about.

And we’d love you to explore how, whatever your story, however broken it might seem, you can find heaven on earth.

Heaven and Earth.

How did Jesus make the way for us to find Heaven on earth?

This great video was put together by theĀ BibleProject, a non-profit who create excellent resources to share the story of the Bible.

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Heaven on Earth - Studio Version

What if we didn’t have to wait for the halos and harps to finally rest one day?

What if we could find heaven on earth?

Heaven on Earth - Acoustic Version

One of the great joys of the project for me was having the chance to record an acoustic duet with my wife, Kyra.

It was a great experience. Recording in the lounge room. Me holding our newborn baby. Our toddler crawling up her legs as she sings. It was beautifully imperfect, and came together into one of the more special tracks I’ve done.