We're spreading this message as far and wide as possible: Whatever your story, through Jesus you can find heaven on earth!

Hi there!

My name is Caleb Lewis. I'm a singer-songwriter living in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs with my beautiful wife Kyra. Together, we have a passion to use our music to shine God's light in the darkness and share a message of hope with the hopeless.

I've been a worship leader and part of the preaching team at our home church (Breakthrough Church in Bayswater) for over 10 years, but we love taking our music and message into the community as a tool to carry God's light and hope to people who need it most!

— Caleb

Could we help bring heaven to earth in your community?

We'd love to use our music to support the work you're doing in your church and local community!

Whether that’s coming to do an outreach concert in your local area, or ministering as part of a church or youth service, we’d love to chat!

Music is a powerful tool to reach the world

We have seen so many people who were not interested in church being willing to come to a concert...and encountering Jesus in a life-changing way!

That’s why we love partnering with local churches to reach the lost, share the gospel and grow His church!

What we bring

We travel with our band and love to not just sing about Heaven on Earth, but to lead people in a time of ministry where they experience God’s Glory – the very essence of Heaven – in a life-changing way.

Caleb is not only a singer, but a great preacher (well at least we think so!) and we love to intertwine creative elements of sharing, stories, humour and interaction to not only share the heart behind our songs, but clearly and powerfully share the gospel.

We wholeheartedly believe God to see people in your community come to know Jesus through these events!

Lives changed by Jesus!

Hear some comments from those who have been impacted at our concerts.

Your music is so uplifting and energising - it makes me want to sing and dance with you!


Your concert was so interactive. You made me feel at ease and makes you want to be a part of what's happening. You were so real and down to earth - it makes it relatable.


Caleb is able to touch the heart of people - taking a message of hope to the hopeless.


I have a friend I've been trying to share the gospel with for years, but she was always so closed! Caleb was doing a concert at my church and she agreed to come. She loved it! Looking across and seeing her crying her eyes out as Caleb ministered and God worked in her heart was one of the most special moments!


I was so surprised - it wasn't just a concert but a performance with humour and stories and connection. I really enjoyed being a part of it.


As a teacher, I wanted to bring my whole class to hear the message of your song Future is Bright!


I thought I was just going to hear a band, but it was something more. I found myself laughing and singing and dancing and almost even crying.


Recommendations from church leaders

What a song for this season, speaking a word of life and hope into such a time of uncertainty. Caleb & Kyra have such big hearts to shine the light of God’s love into the dark places and this certainly comes through.

Daryn Sutton, Pastor - Hillsong East

I’m writing to commend the lives and ministry of Caleb and Kyra Lewis. They’re an extraordinary couple, who I’ve known for many years. They have solidly and fruitfully served in their local church for many years. They have a vision to impact people through their music. I wholeheartedly recommend them and their ministry to you.

Bruce Hills, International Director - World Outreach International

I've known Caleb Lewis for many years and seen him grow and progress into a talented musician, singer, songwriter and worship leader. He is unique in that he has an ability to entertain and to minister, in a variety of situations: concerts, youth events, church meetings etc. He has a great stage presence that is fun and friendly and leaves people feeling blessed in their spirits . I have no hesitation in recommending Caleb and his band.

Andrew Robinson, Founder - LeadersRus

I've known Caleb for his whole life - as his Dad, but also as his pastor. Over the years I've been privileged to have a front row seat to see him grow from being my son and a passionate worshipper, to a powerful worship leader and minister. Our church has been so blessed by his ministry - not only leading us into God's glory through worship - but also teaching and preaching powerfully. Caleb has a unique ability to connect with an audience and to lead them creatively to encounter God's presence. I'd love other churches to be as blessed by his ministry as we have been.

Peter Lewis, Lead Pastor - Breakthrough Church

We have no set fee.

Our heart is for our music to be a tool to take God’s hope and light into your communities. We appreciate when churches bless us with an honorarium, to help continue to build our ministry, but we have no set fees for ministering.

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Heaven on Earth

Our newest release reflects our heart to see the kingdom of heaven invade the hearts and lives of our listeners.

We’re passionate about spreading this song and message as far and wide as possible: Whatever your story, through Jesus you can find heaven on earth!

Future is Bright (Live Music Video)

Future is Bright is an anthem of hope, that however dark today may seem, with Jesus your future is filled with hope!

We recorded this live music video as Melbourne was emerging from the COVID pandemic, to encourage the community that whatever battles they had faced, with Jesus the future is still bright!

Caleb's Preaching

Check out some recent sermons from Caleb.

Click below for a collection of Caleb’s sermons from our home church (Breakthrough Church), or watch the video of his recent message “The Power of a Trickle”

Future is Bright Podcast

Real People. Real Stories. Real Hope.

On the Future is Bright Podcast we chat to real people, with real stories of finding a bright future from the most hopeless times.

We love sharing these stories to inspire our listeners that whatever your story and however dark today may seem, with God you have a future filled with hope.

It's Alright

We're going to the other side.

It’s Alright is a song I wrote in a season of intense personal battle. The song was my cry of hope in the storm, that just like Jesus in the boat, we’re going to make it to the other side.

We released this song in early 2020, and were blown away with how God used it to bring hope to people in a tough season.

Check out the lyric video.

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