It’s about more than music

Our lives have been radically changed by Jesus’ love, so we love to share that message through song. 

Whether you believe in Jesus or not, we hope you enjoy our music. But we also hope it can inspire you to explore a bit more about Him.

We’re not talking about religion (I’d say we’re far from religious) – but a real relationship, built on His love for you,  that not only changes your eternal destiny, but gives you real help and strength in the day to day.

All of our team have experienced that love first hand, and now we love to share it through song. 

So if you’ve been inspired by that message, or if your heart is stirring to explore a bit more, we’d love to be part of your journey. Explore below more about Jesus, and what it means to follow Him.


Behind My Songs

I'd love you to explore some more of my heart behind my music, and why I wrote some of my songs.

Check out the full series of behind the songs.

About Jesus

A 1-minute overview of who Jesus is, and how He can change your life.

This great video was put together by the BibleProject, a non-profit who create excellent resources to share the story of the Bible.

Following Jesus

If you're ready to become a Christian (which just means a Jesus-follower) we'd love to lead you in this simple prayer.

You can pray it along with Caleb in the video, or read it below.

And if you have made that decision, please let us know so we can send you a gift to help get you started on the journey!

A simple prayer to follow Jesus

Jesus, thank You for loving me

I believe in You

I believe You’re Gods Son

That you died on the cross for my sin

And that you rose again

And now I confess You are Lord of my life

Take every part of my life

And make something beautiful out of it

Thank You for the amazing plans you have for me

And that with you my future is bright


Explore more about following Jesus

Our great friends at Breakthrough Church have put together a series of simple videos chatting about what it means to follow Jesus, and how He can change your life.

Help us spread this good news wider

Because of the support of our Torch Bearers family we can share this good news about Jesus further and wider!

Check out more about the Torch Bearers family, and how you can be part of shining light in the darkest corners!

Dive in to explore more

Confident Faith contains a huge collection of resources tackling a wide range of questions about Jesus, life and the Bible.

It’s been put together by our very own guitarist Cam, and is a great way to explore more questions about Jesus.