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  • 2020


The Album

This song was birthed out of one of the hardest periods of my life. It was my cry of hope, in the midst of the storm, that I was going to make it to the other side.

In the words of Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman, “Sometimes a song gains new meaning with the passing of time.” This is certainly true of this track. What began as a personal cry of hope in the midst of my own storm, is now our united anthem of hope in the midst of a collective, global storm.

In the production of this track we had the honour of collaborating with my brother Robert Amoruso. We are so grateful for him not only giving his top creative skill, but pouring his heart in to sharing this message of hope with the world.

I believe this is a song for today. In the midst of a global storm I hope it can be our anthem of hope. We’re going to the other side. It’s alright.

– Caleb


Lyrics & Videos

It's Alright

Twisting and turning
Running and falling
Trying to find my hope
Confused and afraid
As the wind and waves
Keep crashing against this boat
What I wouldn’t give to see a ray of sun
Pierce these cold dark skies
Take me to the other side

A Voice in the dark
Cries in my heart
Says to believe again
Hope is your anchor
My promise won’t fail
You’re gonna see the sun again
Now’s the time to hold on tight
To the words I promised you
You’re going to the other side

It’s alright
Just sleep until the morning
It’s okay
It hasn’t caught me by surprise
I’m holding you tight and your future’s still bright
So rest and enjoy the journey
To the other side
It’s alright

Hope is a battle
Peace feels unnatural
Tossing amongst a storm
I’ve gotta decide that my heart and my eyes
Are gonna keep looking forward
I gotta choose to live like I believe
That the words you spoke are true
I’m going to the other side

My gaze is fixed, my feet face forward
My heart is set on You
I know the One I’m walking towards
I know Your words are true
My heart can see the future bright
So bring on what may come
We’re going to the other side

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