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“A few years ago, around Easter time, I was thinking about the true magnitude of what we celebrate. We get to enjoy the chocolates and time with family, but ultimately we’re remembering that Jesus truly walked the earth as a man. And He actually died on a cross.

Now He didn’t just go to the cross. He was beaten. Tortured. Shamed. Abused for crimes He’d never committed. He literally endured the worst torture any man has ever known.

It says in the Bible that He hated it. He despised it. But it also says He endured it because there was an even greater joy set before Him. As I read that many years ago I had this realisation – that greater joy was us. It was you. It was me.

I’ll never cease to be amazed at the love that represents and the value He places on me. I don’t feel like I’m worth it, but He does – and He gave His life to prove it. I hope this song helps you realise, whether for the first time or as a reminder, just how crazy His love for you is. It drove Him to endure the torture, because through the blood and the tears He saw you. He saw me.”

– Caleb


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He Saw Me

Walking down the dusty street He sees the rugged cross
Up upon that hill He knows one day He'll end it all
He's come this far He's walking through the torture that's to come
He's gonna give His life away
He's gonna give His life away

Walking through the towns You see Him changing people's lives
He heals the sick He lifts the lame and He opens blinded eyes
Yet the very ones He's saving will call out crucify
Still He pours Himself in love
Still He knows He's gonna die

And what could drive a man to give Himself to be
Beaten and abused as He would be
To walk the dead man's road to Calvary
Through the blood and through the tears
He saw me

Now He's kneeling in the garden and He's sweating drops of blood
Praying Father if there's any way to pass along this cup
He knows the path He's walking has brought Him to His time
As a hero lifts His head
As He cries into the night

Hanging on the cross a thief to His left and to His right
He says to one today you'll be with Me in Paradise
He could have called an angel army to save God's holy Son
But instead He lifts His head
And He says that it is done

On the day He abandoned Heaven's throne
When He made this earth his home
He could see

On the days as He grew up as a man
Walked this earth just as I am
He could see

On the days that He said come follow Me
Said He'd set the captives free
He could see

On the days that He taught no greater love
Than to give His own life up
He could see

On the day that He walked up Calvary's hill
When He took my shame and guilt
He could see

On the day with the thorns upon His brow
With the nails in His hands
He could see

On the day when the stone was rolled away
When He walked out of the grave
He could see

On the day when He comes back in the sky
I'll look Jesus in the eye and He will say
That He saw me

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