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The night we recorded Summer Sessions was not one I’ll soon forget.

After two years of isolation and separation, we gathered together for the first time. And together, we boldly celebrated a future filled with hope!

This was our first ever live music video, and I think it beautifully captured the raw energy of the night.

We hope it inspires you that however dark today may seem, God’s plan is still for a future filled with hope!

– Caleb


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Future is Bright [Summer Sessions]

In a life that's an ocean in a world that's a sea
There's a hope that's an anchor and it's calling to me
Live like tomorrow's gonna outdo today
Live like the future's gonna look like you say

So with a land in our vision and a song in our feet
We march a long like an army, my heart is a beat
And it's beating with heaven as we're joining the song
Of the angels in chorus cos we've already won

We're singing hey-oh hey-oh
Bring on tomorrow
Singing hey-oh-hey-oh
Bring on the day
Singing hey-oh hey-oh
We're not afraid tonight
Cos the future is bright

Like the heroes of pages like the armies of old
We've got a faith that's unshaken got a hope in our souls
We know that the battle goes beyond what we see
He's defeated the enemy, He's parting the sea

So now we're rising with our armor on
With our gaze set forward singing bring on the future baby
Hold on tight, let's take a leap tonight

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