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“In March 2018 I had the honour of marrying the girl of my dreams. I wanted to write a song to play while she walked down the aisle that would really reflect our journey – both up until that point and into the future.

Our journey up until marriage hadn’t been perfect, it had been really tough at times, especially while we were still waiting for each other. But God had been so faithful to us every step of the way. My heart was for this song to ultimately be a celebration of His faithfulness bringing us to that point, and highlight our excitement to launch into the unknown future – knowing that He will always be faithful.

I also had to make it epic for the moment she stepped out into the aisle…so I hope I achieved that!”

– Caleb


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First Day of Forever

All the years all alone, waiting to find is there anyone right
All the time you were there
You were waiting for me and just God could see
That we were praying the same prayer each night
But He had a plan and a time

Then one night in July I just went for a meal and fell head over heels
Could it be? Could you feel the same?You looked in my eyes and cast all doubt aside
And right there my heart learned to fly
Who would have thought it that night?

Here you stand dressed in white
The most beautiful girl my best friend in the world
And your eyes, how they shine as they look up at me as my wife
Now come take my hand and let’s walk out together
Stepping in to the first day of forever

In the spring under the lights
I fell to a knee and I pulled out a ring
And I asked “Be my wife”
And then you said that word, the best thing that I’d heard
We committed forever to stay and that brought us here to this day

Here’s to the laugther and here’s to the tears
And here’s to the memories we’ll make through the years
Through better and worse we’ll be walking this road hand in hand

Here’s to the future and here’s to a life
Of changing the world and of shining a light
Here’s to a team and a family that stays side by side

So now here’s to adventure and here’s to a path
That we may not yet see but we’re running ahead
And here’s to the God Who is holding our lives in His hands

So now here’s to forever and here’s to the days
And heres to the weeks and the months and the years
From this day forth I’ll forever be yours and you’re mine

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