Thankyou for helping us share hope all around the world!

We love using music to share hope and light to dark places - and your stories help us do this!

Stories are powerful. People can relate to a genuine, honest personal story – and this can be the first step to them finding the same hope we’ve experienced.

Whatever your story, there is someone else who needs to hear it!

Real People. Real Stories.

We love collecting Real Stories from Real People. These can be shared in a variety of forms and inspire people all around the world!

It doesn’t have to be the most exciting story in the world – it just has to be real. Whether you’ve found hope amongst broken relationships, mental health battles, physical issues, insecurity or anything else – there are people who need to hear your story!

We especially love hearing stories if our music has inspired or encouraged you in any way!

Check Out Some Stories

Be inspired by some others who have shared their stories, and now their stories are spreading hope to so many others!

Recently through the COVID-19 crisis that shook the world, my husband and I fell into very difficult times financially. We found ourselves with no house, a loss of income, bills piling up, and not near enough money to cover them. We suddenly felt at sea - nothing was secure and darkness was taking over. As we looked at our future, we realised we were in desperate need of a MIRACLE. In this darkness, my husband and I made a decision to turn to God. To an Anchor of Hope in the waves. The same Anchor of Hope that Caleb sings about in "It's Alright" was also an Anchor for us. In the midst of a hopeless situation, we found HOPE. We were able to cling to the promise that God would bring us through, and that we wouldn’t just survive this crisis, but we would thrive. We held onto our Anchor of Hope and we saw God bring a miracle - groceries were provided, we found a new home (better than we'd imagined) and money came from a variety of sources and we were able to not only pay our bills but had money left over! Through it all, we were able to know that IT WAS ALRIGHT! Because God, our Anchor of Hope, still had us. Our future was STILL bright!


I work in an environment where toughness is king. Doesn't matter where you come from, how old you are or what gender, you prove yourself by never showing real weakness. In this environment I got broken. I had things happen at work and outside work that hurt me so badly I lost sight of any goodness or hope. To survive, I became numb and avoided close relationships with people. I worked a lot of hours because so that nobody could really get to know me well. It wasn't a deliberate, conscious choice; rather it was simply how I managed to keep going. Then I heard the song 'My Song' from Caleb's first EP and it really hit me. It felt like it was so about me and how I was feeling during that time. I knew I had a choice; a choice to lift my hands and look straight up. It was when I did this that I found that God was actually in this black hole with me, not waiting for me to get out but holding my hand and pushing me up. I realised with God with me in the mess, I had hope and I could see a different future


One of my children went through a really tough situation a few years ago. As a Mum you want to do everything for your kids but sometimes you don’t have the power to do that. I remember clearly how helpless I felt. I needed real help so I turned to God. He showed me that He was a faithful Father - someone who could bring real hope and change to their situation. And He did. Everything worked out for my child as God did what man cannot do.


I can remember going through a very dark time in my life and as Caleb sung "My Song" I heard the line "He's scattering the enemy". As I sang that song it went straight into heart and gave me such hope and strength to walk through that dark time. I could feel God's power in that song, especially in the line "He's roaring like a lion". During that line, I just knew, without a doubt, that God was in control and I wasn’t defeated.


How to share your story

There are two key platforms we use to share stories:

1 – Videos

2 – Written Stories

Both are super helpful and allow us to use our website, social media and live shows to share hope all around the world.

If you’re happy to, we would LOVE you to share your story both ways – but it’s up to you.

What to share

There’s often SO MUCH you can say in a personal story like this, so we love to help you clarify and simplify your message – so that it’s easy for people to relate, connect and be inspired.

We suggest breaking your story into a simple, 3-step narrative:

1 – It was dark

2 – I found real hope

3 – My bright future

Below we will briefly cover each of these to help you develop your story.

1. It was dark

The aim of this first section is to help people relate to your story (especially if they are experiencing something similar)

– Introduce yourself (you’re talking to people who haven’t met you before)

– What were you facing in life? What was happening?

– How did you feel? What thoughts/feelings stand out?

Remember, the more real you can be, the more people can relate – and then the more they can relate to the hope as well!

2. I found real hope

The Bible talks about God’s hope as an “anchor for our souls”. His promises give us a true hope that holds us steady amongst the storms of life.

In this section it’s great to talk about how you discovered and held on to hope, even in the storm.

– How did having an anchor of hope help you in your darkness?

– What did you have to do to receive this help? Did you have to surrender/let go in some way?

– Were there any of Caleb’s songs that encouraged you in this time?

We love hearing when people have experienced hope through our music. If our music has helped you, we’d love to share that as part of your story so that every time others hear a song it reminds them of the hope God offers.

3. My Bright Future

With Jesus as our hope, a bright future awaits!

In this section talk about your future. A bright future doesn’t mean everything is perfect now – just keep it honest and real. Tell us about how this has impacted your life.

– What was the outcome? How has your future changed through this journey?
– Have you seen something amazing happen?
– Are you discovering a new hope and joy for the future? Has your perspective changed?

And remember, it doesn’t have to be long and complicated! Just keep it simple and be yourself!

It's time to share your story!

Firstly, write out your story using the above narrative.

Once you’ve written our your story, you can simply record a selfie video of yourself sharing this story on your phone (try not to read it like a script. It’s great to still look at/speak to the camera).

These videos can be super simple. They’re not meant to look great. You’re not meant to say everything perfectly. They’re just meant to be REAL. Because if they are real and authentic, people can relate – right where they are.

We suggest you aim to keep the videos under 3 minutes long.

And that's it!

(Except for sharing it with us...)

Simply share your story with us (we’d love both a written story and a video if you’ve made them both) and we will be SO EXCITED to use it to build a collection of hope-filled stories…and share that hope all around the world!

You can send it to us using the following methods:

– Upload it on our contact page

– Email us (

Or, if your video file is too large to send us we suggest using which will allow you to safely send us your video for free.