It's about a lot more than music

We love making music, but it's all for a much bigger purpose.

Our mission is about bringing light to dark places – and our music helps us do this.

Read on below to see some of the current projects we’re using to fulfill this mission.

Ukuleles for Schools

Using the gift of music to show kids their future can be bright.

After attending one of our shows, a teacher from a local primary school shared with us just how much she wished her students could hear our music and message of hope that their future could be bright. She told us how many of her students would never have an opportunity to own or learn an instrument for themselves because they were from low socioeconomic families. But she said, even if they couldn’t learn own their own instrument, she could at least take her guitar and teach them our single, Future is Bright.

This sparked an idea for us…How amazing would it be to give kids their very own instrument and then use it to not only teach them how to play a song, but leave them with a lasting message of hope for their future!

So the Ukuleles for Schools Project was birthed.

If you’d like to contribute towards this project, 100% of the proceeds go towards purchasing ukuleles for kids, taking them to high risk children and teaching them that whatever their story, their future can be bright!

Future is Bright Album

A collection of hope-filled songs to tell our world their future can be bright.

Future is Bright is more than a song or a nice catchphrase. It’s about finding true hope when life tosses you. Real peace in the chaos. Real joy in the pain. It’s about facing tomorrow with boldness, knowing that however dark today, there is a bright future for you.

Our world needs hope…and music is a great tool for communicating that message of hope. So we’re working towards releasing an album filled with songs about holding on to the Anchor of Hope God provides and walking into the bright future he has designed for us. And we can’t wait to use it to share hope with our friends, our family and our world!

You can donate specifically to the costs of producing and distributing the Future is Bright album.

World Outreach

A global mission close to our own hearts!

Just as we have a mission to shine hope in dark places, World Outreach are out there, in the darkest corners corners of the globe, sharing practical hope and light with the world.

World Outreach is a global mission organisation reaching out to the least-reached people groups with an emphasis on training and equipping local leaders to impact their communities.

They’re doing some amazing work around the globe, and it’s our joy to support as partners . To find out more check out the link below.

A Team Sharing Hope

The Anchor Army is an amazing group of people - from all around the globe - partnering with us to bring hope to their friends, family and world.

Anyone can join the Army, and you don’t have to go anywhere. You are simply putting your hand up to not only receive hope, but to help share that hope with your world!

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