Look at what we can do together!

Our partners are an amazing group of people who believe in this mission enough to be a part of seeing it become reality.

Every time our music brings hope or light to someone, it's because of our amazing partners!

Reaching a big vision - together!

We love making music, but it's all for a much bigger purpose.

Our mission is about bringing hope and light to dark places – and music is a great tool to do this.

Our partners are an important part of our team, helping us to create hope-filled music and media, and then helping it spread all over the world!

Light in the dark

We see darkness all around us.

It might be broken relationships, families, lack or mental health battles. This might be in the darkest corners overseas, or it might be your next door neighbour.

Our partners help us reach into that darkness with light, using our music to shine the true hope that Jesus offers in the darkest corners of the earth.

Together we reach further

Through your partnership, we can reach so much further with this message of hope!

Each of us can only reach so far alone, but now – through partnership – we become a team, bringing hope to our world!

Everything we do as a team, we’ve done together! And the Bible actually says that we all share in the reward (read more about that here)!

Music Filled with Hope

Check out some of the awesome stories of people encountering hope through the work of our team and partners.

Recently through the COVID-19 crisis that shook the world, my husband and I fell into very difficult times financially. We suddenly felt at sea - nothing was secure and darkness was taking over. We needed an Anchor of Hope in the waves. The same Anchor of Hope that Caleb sings about in "It's Alright" was also an Anchor for us. In the midst of a hopeless situation, we held onto our Anchor of Hope and we saw Him bring a miracle.


I work in a tough environment and had been hurt so badly I lost sight of any goodness or hope. Then I heard Caleb's song 'My Song'. It felt like it was so about me and how I was feeling during that time. As I listened, God showed me He was with me in the mess. I had hope and I could see a different future.


I was feeling so overwhelmed and defeated when it came to the dreams on my heart. I felt as though God had led me to a dead end and I'd lost all hope for my dreams to ever come to pass. Then I heard Caleb's song "Faithful" and it was as though you'd written the song just for me! It reminded me of God's faithfulness and helped my heart to start believing again.


Caleb's music is so uplifting and energising - it makes me want to sing and dance with them!


Caleb's song has become my constant go to in times of pressure. I will sit and listen to the words over and over again. “When the waves are so high that I can’t see the shore”. When I feel like that I will go back to this song and it reminds me that God is faithful.


I was going through a really dark time. My family was a mess and I just didn't know where to turn. I felt hopeless. One day I heard "My Song" and it was as if the lyrics were quoting my life. Every time I hear that song I cry. It has reminded me that God will always be faithful - however dark it is!


Caleb is able to touch the heart of people - taking a message of hope to the hopeless.


I struggled with bullying growing up in school and it really dented my self confidence. I was crying in my room one day and happened to listen to Caleb's song "I Love You". I can't describe how it impacted me. It was like God was speaking directly to me, reaching deep into my heart and telling me that He isn't ashamed of me. I'm still on the journey but that song has been such a source of strength to me.


Fulfilling the Mission - Together

Projects like these are possible because of the support of our amazing team of partners.

Making Records

We write and record songs to distribute all over the world physically and digitally. This is an amazing way to let the universal language of music touch their souls.

LIVE Events

We love doing events because we don’t just play our songs, but we get to engage face-to-face and use a creative live presentation to share songs and stories of hope.

Creative Media

Online we can creatively share videos, stories and other content much wider than we could physically visit, providing pathways to connect with the heart of our message.

Projects & Missions

We love using our platform to show the underprivileged in our communities and our world that they have a hope for the future, through practical, real-help projects and missions.

The Anchor Army

The Anchor Army is an amazing group of people – from all around the globe – partnering with us to bring hope to their friends, family and world.

Real People. Real Stories

We love hearing and sharing the real stories from real people, just like us, who have faced storms, been inspired to find hope and now have a story to share.

Sharing Hope - Together!

Our partners are a vital part of our team, and together we are fulfilling this mission of sharing hope and light all around the world!

Anyone can become a partner – and there are three key ways our partners help us fulfil this mission.


Praying for the Mission

Prayer is powerful, and is essential for our work to succeed. Partners commit to pray faithfully for this mission being fulfilled.

This means they are praying for us as we’re creating music, and praying for each other as they’re sharing hope in their world.


Supporting the Mission

Our partners faithfully invest money to support the mission being fulfilled.

Every dollar goes toward fulfilling the mission, creating hope-filled content for you to share with your world and taking that message of hope to those who are experiencing darkness or brokenness.


Sharing Hope

We love to encourage our partners to use our music and content to share hope in their world!

We love hearing stories of how our partners have shared our music and impacted their friends, families and world with hope!

Our Promise to You

We value our partners, and we value your support of this mission. So we make the following commitments to you.

Every Dollar Toward the Mission

You can rest assured that we will use every dollar and every resource to wholeheartedly pursue the mission we have outlined.

You're Part of the Journey

We will keep you updated with how the mission is being fulfilled through your partnership (including our regular “Anchor Army” email updates).

Creativity & Innovation

We are committed to the mission, so will wholeheartedly seek the most fruitful, innovative and creative ways to fulfill the mission we’ve outlined!

Discounts & Offers

Our partners will always receive the best offers on music, merchandise and products.


Our partners are our team, and just as you’re praying for this mission, we commit to constantly keep you and your families in prayer.

Exclusive Content

Some things we produce are not for everyone to see or hear, they are special extras only for our partners.

More ways to join the mission

Take a look at some of the other ways our team of partners are helping us share hope in their world.

Use Your Networks

We've all got connections, and our partners help us spread this mission further using their networks.

Can you help us get our songs on the radio or in stores in your local area?

Could you help us organise some live events in your area?

Do you know music or media experts you can connect us with to help further the mission?

If you’ve got ideas we’d love to hear from you!

Be part of a Future is Bright LIVE event

Future is Bright LIVE is more than a concert. It's a night of hope.

Would you or your church be interested in being a part of a LIVE event?

If you would be interested in hosting a LIVE event in your area, or if you’d like to be involved in making an event happen we’d love to hear from you.

Support a Project

Through these projects we are fulfilling our mission and telling our world that they have a hope for the future.

It’s the support of people like you that enables these projects to occur and the mission to be fulfilled!


Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the concept of partnership you can have a deeper look at partnership.

Or if you you’ve got any questions, we’d love to have a chat!