It's about a lot more than music!

We love making music, but it's all for a much bigger purpose. Our mission is to bring hope and light to dark places - and our music helps us do this.

Let’s chat about the mission behind our music, and how you can be a part of sharing hope with people all around the world!

The Anchor of Hope

People everywhere need hope. They might be in the darkest corners overseas, or your next door neighbour.

We are passionate about using our music and platform to reach people everywhere with hope – a true Anchor of hope that encourages and inspires your everyday lives.

Music is a universal language

Music is so powerful! It breaks through barriers of language, culture or insecurity to reach a person's soul.

We have seen so many examples of songs impacting people in ways no words could. And through music we can share hope and light in a way that reaches people everywhere.

Innovation and Creativity

We're passionate about finding the most innovative and effective ways to fulfil our mission.

Sure, we might do some things other bands do (like make records and play concerts) because music is an awesome tool. But we’ll also do some things pretty different (like go to dark places, organise mission trips or share stories of hope), because our goal is to spread hope and light (not selling music or tickets).

Check out some of the ways we’re fulfilling this mission below.

Fulfilling the Mission

Check out some of the ways we are sharing light and hope.

Making Records

We write and record songs to distribute all over the world physically and digitally. This is an amazing way to let the universal language of music touch their souls.

Live Events

We love doing events because we don’t just play our songs, but we get to engage face-to-face and use a creative live presentation to share songs and stories of hope.

Creative Media

Online we can creatively share videos, stories and other content much wider than we could physically visit, providing pathways to connect with the heart of our message.

Projects & Missions

We love using our platform to show the underprivileged in our communities and our world that they have a hope for the future, through practical, real-help projects and missions.

The Anchor Army

The Anchor Army is an amazing group of people – from all around the globe – partnering with us to bring hope to their friends, family and world.

Real People. Real Stories.

We love hearing and sharing the real stories from real people, just like us, who have faced storms, been inspired to find hope and now have a story to share.

Anyone can get involved!

We're committed to this mission - but we can't do it alone. It grows because of the support and enthusiasm of people like you!

Check out below some ways you can get involved.

Join the Anchor Army

The Anchor Army is an amazing group of people - from all around the globe - partnering with us to bring hope to their friends, family and world.

Anyone can join the Army, and you don’t have to go anywhere. You are simply putting your hand up to not only receive hope, but to help share that hope with your world!

Support a project

Through local projects and supporting other missions we are practically sharing hope with our community and world.

It’s the support of people like you that enables these projects and missions to succeed. Check out some of the current projects and ways to get involved.

Partner with the Mission

Our partners are an amazing group of people who believe in this mission enough to become a part of seeing it become reality.

Partners invest in this mission through faithful prayer and support. They are a vital part of our team, doing their part to help share hope all around the world!