Together we reach further!

The Anchor Army is an amazing group of people - a family from all around the globe - partnering with us to share hope with their world.

Anyone can join the army, and you don’t have to go anywhere! You are simply putting your hand up to be a part of sharing hope with people everywhere.

The Anchor of Hope

The Bible talks about hope as an anchor, holding us steady amongst the storms and waves of life.

We want to share that hope with people all around the world – that’s why we create music, videos and all sorts of creative content.

The Anchor Army partners with that mission by sharing hope-filled content with those around them and supporting us to create more resources.

Sharing Hope - Together!

There are three key ways the Anchor Army partner with us to share hope.


Sharing Hope

The Anchor Army is about not just receiving hope – but stepping out to share it with your friends, family and world.

We love to create hope-filled music, media and creative content you can share with those around you.



Prayer is powerful, and is essential for our work to succeed.

The Anchor Army commit to pray faithfully for our team and mission of sharing hope in dark places.



Many of the Anchor Army faithfully invest money to support the mission being fulfilled.

This enables us to create hope-filled music and content to share with people everywhere.

Together we reach further!

Check out some of the inspiring ways the Anchor Army are sharing hope with their friends, family and world!

We wanted to find a way to "shine light in the darkness" during Halloween. We decided to purchase a bunch of Future is Bright wristbands to give trick or treaters who came to our house. This was our way of sharing hope, that their future could be bright.


I played "Future is Bright" for a friend. She broke down and told me “my future is not bright.” She proceeded to tell me about the darkness in her life and how she had made plans to kill herself. This gave me an opportunity to share my own story of darkness and the reason why I am still alive and why there is hope.


Because of my own story, I have given so many people copies of your song, Faithful. I constantly find that when people hear that song, it touches them and in many cases it starts them on their own journey to understanding the faithfulness of the Anchor of Hope.


During COVID-19, I have been listening to "Future Is Bright" every day. And I have shared that song with my friends to remind them that although there's fear, anxiety and hopelessness all around us in the world at the moment - God has promised us a BRIGHT future.


I shared Caleb's song "You Saw Me" with a colleague recently. When she heard it, she cried and cried, sharing with me the heartache of watching her husband battle with PTSD and suicide attempts. She then shared Caleb's songs with her husband and they both shared how much these songs of hope encouraged them.


Our son loves Caleb Lewis and wears his Future is Bright wristband to school everyday. We bought a handful of wristbands so that he could give them to his friends at school. The wristbands are such a small thing, but they have opened up conversations with kids and their parents about the hope we have.


I feel so confident sharing Caleb's music with others as his music and words of life offer an excellent way of receiving and sharing hope to not just exist, but to really live!


I work in a tough environment where the work can be so hard to handle that everyone tries to numb their feelings in order to survive. Personally, when I heard Caleb's song 'The Future is Bright', it inspired a real sense of hope for me. Now, I often play this song to my friends or colleagues as a way of opening the door to conversations about the darker side of life.


"In the song Future is Bright I wrote a line about an army with a song in their feet. I could see a team of people - an army - inspired to not only find hope for themselves, but letting it get in their feet. Stepping out to be a part of the solution, taking that same hope to the world around them.

If I can inspire you to discover hope that's awesome! But how much more powerful if you can then take that same hope to your friends, your family and your world?"

— Caleb

Perks of the Army

This mission couldn't happen without the Anchor Army, and we love to show them how much we value them!

Exclusive Resources

We love to provide special content and resources to empower the Anchor Army to take hope to their worlds.

Insider Insights

The Anchor Army are the first to hear what’s happening. We keep you in the know with personal updates and insights.

Discounts and Offers

The Anchor Army will always receive the best offers on music, merchandise and products.

Anchor Army Merch

We’re working on a range of exclusive merchandise with Anchor Army branding and designs.

Exclusive Content

Some things we produce are not for everyone to see or hear, they are special extras only for the Anchor Army.


We value the Anchor Army. You are our team and we commit to praying for you all the time.

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